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Ready for a more vibrant and beautiful garden?

We believe in working with nature, feeding your soil, and giving your plants what they need to thrive. 

"Green Shrubs, abundant flowers, and beautiful trees are what we all want to see in our landscape."

Using our knowledge and experience in horticulture, we give your landscape the nutrients and amendments they need to thrive. 

Let us help you bring out the beauty in your landscape through proper horticultural practices that will keep your landscape healthy and thriving. 

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When considering pricing just a few things you should know...

Pricing is job-specific, every job has its own obstacles that need to be overcome to make sure the job is done right. Labor, time and material will determine the final costs.

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Landscape Solutions

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Organic Mulch

Mulching your landscape gives it an array of benefits. It nourishes your soil, suppresses weeds, conserves water, regulates soil temperature, prevents erosion, and looks great in your landscape. ​

Our mulch installation includes:

  • Labor

  • Material 

  • minor clean-up

Starting at: $65.00 a yard

Black Soil

Organic Fertilizing 

Plants need more than just water in order to thrive. Organic fertilizing focuses on providing the plants and soil with what they need to thrive. See your landscape come back to life as you feed it with what it truly needs. ​


  • Labor

  • Material 

  • Minor clean-up

Starting at: $0.50 sqft

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Aeration can greatly improve the health of your grass, by allowing proper airflow and water penetration into the root system. Aeration ​improves root growth, water absorption, and soil health.

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  • Labor

  • Material
  • Organic amendments

Starting At: $0.60 per sqft


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We offer customized quotes and services. 

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