Landscapx is a professional irrigation and plant care provider. See how we can help you set up a new irrigation system, repair a broken sprinkler, or help you get your landscape/garden back on track. 

Irrigation Installs

Professional residential irrigation installation. We install all types of irrigation systems for your landscape watering needs. From sprinklers for grass to drip irrigation for planters. We customize all of our systems to your garden's needs.

Plant Care

We provide effective landscape and horticultural practices which help promote healthy, vibrant, and beautiful plant material. We offer fertilization programs, mulching, organic fertilizing solutions, and soil regenerative practices for your landscape garden. Call today to learn more.

Irrigation Repairs

Have a broken sprinkler, a leaking valve, or an electrical issue with your system? Give us a call, we have a team of experienced irrigation techs that can help you with your irrigation system repairs.



General Clean-UPs

If your landscape has gotten a little out of hand or you just need some extra hands to get your yard ready for the next backyard event. Let us help you spruce up your landscape garden before the next backyard event. 

Irrigation Mainteanace 

Already have an irrigation system that is in need of some adjustments, nozzle replacements, or timer adjustments? Find out how our irrigation maintenance service keeps your system watering.

Landscape Drains

Helping you stay proactive by offering landscape drain inspections, cleaning, and installs. Helping you prevent flooding, standing water, and giving you peace of mind during the rainy season.

Contact Us

Like what you see? Get in touch to for a free inspection and quote. 

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