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We want everyone to feel safe while we are providing a service. So, we are doing our best not to add on to everyday stress. By making sure to follow the necessary guidelines. 

  • Washing our hands regularly 

  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Wearing Facemasks

  • Monitoring staff health 

When you need us to take extra precautions, just let us know we are happy to accommodate. ​

Virtual Communication

  One of the great things about technology is the many forms it has allowed us to communicate. We make sure to take advantage of what we have to ensure you are safe and the job gets done. Even though nothing is better than an in-person conversation, technology has allowed us to stay in contact risk-free during these odd times. 

  1. Email

  2. Facetime 

  3. Phone call

  4. Text message

We are more than happy to work with you and keeping you safe. You can get in contact with us in any way you would like and you do not need to be home or come out when we arrive.

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